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What's stopping you?

Veganism is on the rise. There's no denying the clear surge in the popularity of the movement. There are more vegan products available in supermarkets than ever before, and the majority of mainstream restaurants now offer vegan options, if not an entire vegan menu. 

Yet there is still a large amount of resistance to the movement. For every new vegan, there seems to be 10 non-vegans saying the same thing.

I could never go vegan.

Of the many reasons people give for not going vegan, a certain few pop up time and time again.

This documentary aims to tackle these reasons head on, separating the facts from the fiction. It's time to draw upon the peer-reviewed literature, bring in the experts, set up some experiments and have a bit of fun.

  • Vegan food tastes terrible and meat is too delicious. Let's put it to the test - does meat actually taste better or are we conditioned to favour the foods of our childhood? Can the public be fooled?

  • It's in our DNA. Have we evolved to thrive on meat, or is it an unnecessary food choice that we've never needed? 

  • I just don't care about animals. But do we truly know where our food comes from and under what circumstances? 

  • Vegans are malnourished. What does the science say? Can the typical vegan flourish, or will they meet a brutal end in under 18 months from various deficiencies?

  • It's too expensive. Is veganism a middle class trend, or is it possible to adopt a plant-based lifestyle that doesn't break the bank?

  • It's too hard. Are many vegan-curious turning back to meat after going vegan because it's such a difficult switch, or is there an easy way to successfully transition?

Is there any weight to these arguments, or are they convenient lines we tell ourselves to justify our actions?

It's time to find out.